Art Club Marks the Opening of New Community Center

Often times when visitors come to Project Ruth, they ask the leadership team “Do you ever think about scaling up your project and doing it in other places?” This question always challenges the leaders of Project Ruth because how could we take the 25 years of expertise in serving this people group to other communities in need while still providing quality services to our current beneficiary base. Thusly, when the opportunity came up to partner with the United Way of Romania to start community centers in rural areas outside of Bucharest, our leaderships brains started spinning as the determination to take part of the Project Ruth model into two rural communities set in.

After several months of start-up work, Project Ruth has begun a Community Center in the community of Jilava in partnership with United Way in the local school. This Community Center will host an after-school program for about 50 elementary age students, parents’ training sessions, tutoring sessions in specialized subject matter, and non-formal educational activities. The first non-formal educational activities were held on May 3rd and involved a lesson of abstract art and how everyone can be artists with a great group of 4th graders.


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